Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seeking information about WM Hosking BUR2.

Joyce Hosking is the youngest sister of William Hosking BUR2 who served with NMCB3. Joyce is seeking information from anyone who knew Bill. He served with NMCB3 in DaNang and Chu Lai. Joyce can be contacted at: or
Here is a link to some information and photos that include Bill Hosking BUR2.


  1. Thank you bahtah, for posting this information about my my brother Bill, who passed away December 3, 2009 from cancer, at his beloved farm in Benton PA. He lived in the Benton PA area since 1974.
    Bill's hometown is Boonton Township, NJ.
    He enlisted in 1962, served two tours of duty in Vietnam with a U. S. Naval Construction Battalion (CB's) and was honorably discharged in March 1968.
    After his tours in Vietnam, he was stationed at the West Coast base for the CB at Port Hueneme.
    I do know that Bill had passed the requirements to enter into the Officer's Training Program.

    Correction on Email: or

    1. charles r. malia mcb1March 25, 2012 at 8:21 PM

      I knew bill before he went to adak,I was with him d'ville,that is if my memory is correct.Then i have a letter he sent me from port hueneme. Then we lost track,but few years back was on my way back
      from fla. and stopped in booton,township,could not
      locate anyone who knew him,so i headed back to mass. I just happened to come across this in my email.I wish to offer my sympathy for your loss
      and wish i had got to see your brother again. We had a good friendship in the bee's.