Thursday, December 10, 2009

Veterans Administration Agent Orange Information

Agent Orange Distribution System

If you served with NMCB3 at Chu Lai and/or during the time period described on the Veterans Administrations web-site and have not had an Agent Orange Physical, you need to go to the VA Today!
It is important not only for you, but your family. If like me you remember looking up and seeing these guys coming and going and in the air when you were away from our base then you need to get checked. There are protections available for your family when and if you should come down with any one of the medical problems associated with Agent Orange, it's a long list.

VA Agent Orange Link:

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  1. Iwas with MCB3 in 1966 chuli rvn. In1999 i started showing sines of blood in my uren,went to the va hosp. in long beach cal. and found cancer that has growen . In 2006 i was given 100% for the cancer ,but still having problems that have arived because of the probbing scoping and tairing of bladder prostate and ureatha. Now i have to have a leg or bed bag on all the time,so git looked at as soon as posable to keep fron having these kinds of problems.