Saturday, July 5, 2014

Suicide Prevention

Every year about 8000 Veterans commit suicide. We have given enough, don't add to the price we have already paid. HELP IS JUST A CALL AWAY!  24/7

Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 Press-1 or by TEXTING 838255, or on-line at:

Nurses are available for healthcare advice: 1-877-252-4866

The National Call Center for Homeless Veterans hotline provides homeless or at-risk Veterans access to trained counselors at: 1-877-424-3838 or on-line at:

PTSD COACH MOBILE APP...... That's right it's an APP! Check it out. The PTSD Coach Moble app helps veterans use technology to learn about and manage their PTSD symptoms, with direct links to tools and assistance. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE from Itunes and Google Play, or visit:

Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to Viet Nam.
If you are a veteran check out "My Health E Vet" At:

                                                    Two minutes and it looked like this.
Along Highway-1

Sand Ramp Chu Lai 1966

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seeking information about WM Hosking BUR2.

Joyce Hosking is the youngest sister of William Hosking BUR2 who served with NMCB3. Joyce is seeking information from anyone who knew Bill. He served with NMCB3 in DaNang and Chu Lai. Joyce can be contacted at: or
Here is a link to some information and photos that include Bill Hosking BUR2.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Veterans Administration Agent Orange Information

Agent Orange Distribution System

If you served with NMCB3 at Chu Lai and/or during the time period described on the Veterans Administrations web-site and have not had an Agent Orange Physical, you need to go to the VA Today!
It is important not only for you, but your family. If like me you remember looking up and seeing these guys coming and going and in the air when you were away from our base then you need to get checked. There are protections available for your family when and if you should come down with any one of the medical problems associated with Agent Orange, it's a long list.

VA Agent Orange Link:

Thursday, December 3, 2009


NMCB3 has sacrificed from its ranks those listed below in the defense of Freedom.
There is no greater offering one makes than to God, Country and family.

Lester O. Bheil,Navy, CN, 19yrs of age. Male.
Single.From: Sheboygan, WI. Sept, 02, 1965, Da-Nang,
South Viet nam.

Jack William Wilkinson, Navy, CM1-E6. 40yrs of age. Male.
 Married .From: East Islip,NY. Aug 30,1967 THU THIEN,
 South Viet Nam.

Douglas Carroll Coker, Navy, YN3 -E4. 24Yrs of age. Male.
Single. From: Little Rock, AR. Aug 30, 1967 THU THIEN,
South Viet Nam.

Dale Russ Berg, Navy, EON2 - E5. 24Yrs of age. Male.
Single. From: east Otto,NY. Sept 29, 1967 THU THIEN,
South Viet Nam.

Nicholas George Waltz, Navy, EON3 - E4. 22yrs old. Male.
Single. From: Steuben, WI. Dec 23, 1967 THU THIEN,
South Viet Nam.

Lester Lee Williams, Navy, EON# - E4. 20Yrs of age. Male.
Single. From: Kirksville, MO. Dec 23, 1967 THU THIEN,
South Viet Nam.

Geter Alfred Hensley, Navy, EOH2 - E5. 40Yrs of age. Male.
Married. From: Marion, NC. Nov 10, 1967. USS Sancturay.

Lawerency Norbart Stangel, Navy, CN - E3, 20Yrs of age. Male.
Single. From: Green Bay, WI. Jan 31, 1968 THU THIEN,
South Viet Nam.

Richard Lewis Blevins, Navy, SN - E3. 23Yrs of age. Male.
Married. From: Tulsa, OK. Feb 1, 1968 THU THIEN,
South Viet Nam.

Francis David Lupo, Navy, BU2 - E5, 28Yrs of age. Male.
Married. From: Lake Charles, LA. March 6, 1971 PHONG DINH,
South Viet Nam.

Roger Nelvin Carpenter, Navy, CM3 - E4. 25Yrs of age. Male.
Single. From: Weaverville, CA. April 18, 1971 CHAU DUC,
South Viet Nam.

Kenneth Marvin Hatcher, Navy, SW3 - E4. 19Yrs of age. Male.
Single. From: Warrenville, SC. April,19 1971 LONG KHANH,
South Viet Nam.

For information on those listed above as well as all who appear on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall, see link:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He holds a special place in the hearts of many.

Just down the road is a small community cemetery.  Not where one would expect to find a true American Hero, yet there he is. A fellow Seabee who while serving with NMCB-11'S Seabee Team 1104 lost his life in the battle of Dong Xoai June 10, 1965.
The first and only United States Navy Seabee to be awarded the Medal of Honor. I visit him a few times a year, when no one else is present. A time to shed the emotions and tears that the years have not yet been willing to give up. So much was sacrificed and so much lost, I pray people will never forget.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

WW-II Vets Exposed to Nuclear Radiation, Living or Deceased!

If you know a WW-II Vet who was exposed to Nuclear Radiation, living or deceased call 1-800-729-7327. There are benefits for those WW-II Vets still living as well as for family members of those who may have passed away without receiving their benefit. The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act of 1990 provides for these benefits. There is a list of 21 different cancers related to Radiation Exposure. The time period of exposure is from 1945 to 1962. There is a one-time $75,000 benefit or a monthly benefit that can be a much as $2,673 per month.